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About D&M Mechanical

Duane Mitchel

Duane Mitchel is a well-known individual in the Wichita HVAC Industry. He began his career in 1972, graduating from WATC. Duane has worked in every aspect of the business beginning with sheet metal fabrication and system installation and has been considered a Master Service Technician for over 32 years. Knowledgeable in residential, commercial, and the industrial segments of the industry; he has been a part of  its growth in technological improvements for the last 45 years. Duane is excited to be part of  D&M Mechanical where quality, respect for the customer and integrity is our goal. Whether you need service on your existing system, a free estimate on new equipment or advice on energy management, give Duane a call today at 316-712-4025.

Matt Mitchel

Matt started in the HVAC industry as a little boy, tagging along with his father on his service calls. Growing up he loved working for his father every summer. Matt didn’t realize it at the time but his father was introducing him to a valuable trade in the HVAC industry.

Matt noticed at a young age that his father was good at building long-standing relationships—most of which still stand to this day—by treating his customers with honor, integrity and respect.

According to Matt, customer satisfaction is overlooked way too often in today’s HVAC industry. “It seems like everyone is driven by the all mighty dollar and people have lost touch with what it should really be about, taking care of the customer and building relationships.” Matt has worked for many local HVAC companies in his more than 17 years in the HVAC industry. During that time he has experienced firsthand the difference in values that most of those companies share, versus the values he learned from his father all those years ago. These experiences are what lead Matt and his father, Duane, to start their own business, built around the values of honor, integrity and respect.